10 Fun Bars to Check Out in Scott’s Addition

Scott’s addition used to be an industrial area, but now it is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Richmond. Over 3,500 people now live in Scott’s Addition, and it is increasingly becoming the place to work hard and play hard.


Right now, the neighborhood has over 20 restaurants and bars where people can grab some delicious food and drink.

But since you are looking for bars, here are 10 of the coolest bars you can find in the neighborhood.

#1 The Circuit Arcade Bar

Think about this: a bar where you can play classic arcade games. It has all the amenities of a modern bar coupled with a retro arcade. And that’s not all, as this bar is all about self-service.


When you enter the bar, you set up a tab and they give you a card. With this card, you can pour yourself as many beers, ciders and wines as you want at the tap wall. When the night is over, you just settle your tab and you are out of there.

There are a ton of retro arcade games like Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, and X-men.  This bar is a lot of fun and nostalgic for 30-40 year olds. 

#2 Vasen Brewing Company

If you are looking for great-tasting beer made with a passion, then the Väsen Brewing Company should be your next stop. Once there, you can visit their famous taproom, where you can enjoy the finest Bulgarian-inspired beers and sours. 


You get to enjoy these brews using the 20-tap draft system in the taproom’s spacious outdoor area – they even have a patio area. On top of that, they feature surprise beers each week, which means repeat visits are a must.

#3 The Jasper

Voted as “Richmond’s Best New Bar 2018” by Richmond Magazine, The Jasper is the place to be if you are looking for great food, drinks and fun. The bar serves the most delicious craft cocktails in all of Richmond. 


Their drinks menu is seasonal, so it changes frequently. Depending on the season, you are sure to find the appropriately themed drinks. However, permanent fixtures, like the Quoit Club Punch, are a must-try.

#4 Ardent Craft Ales

Ardent Craft Ales is, at its heart, a brewery. Here, bear lovers can converge and enjoy the taste of innovative beers while learning about historic brewing techniques and beer types. This establishment is a celebration of all things craft beer.


With that said, you can try the excellent selection of craft beers in the taproom or bear garden. These places are open on all days of the week and even have special beers that are served only in those areas.

#5 Tazza Kitchen

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this establishment is primarily an eatery. Here, people come to eat delicious casual food, such as pizzas, smoked meats, tacos and salads. However, this does not mean that their beverage section is lacking in content. 


Their bar has some of the best-crafted beers, handcrafted cocktails and great wines. If you and your friends and are out on the night and need a place to get some food and drinks, Tazza Kitchen Scott’s Addition is highly recommended.

#6 Brenner Pass

If you looking for an elegant place to wine and dine, then look no further than Brenner Pass. This eatery has an elegant aesthetic, coupled with a selection of the best wines, as well as draft beers and ciders, from the Alpine regions (in Europe).


The food is also inspired by various locations from the Alps. You could be enjoying Ham and Swiss Chard Croquettes with a nice bottle of Domaine Labbé, Abymes.

#7 The Hof Garden

From 3 pm to midnight, The Hof Garden is the place to be for some delicious and exotic draft beers and cocktails. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, making it a great place to bring family and friends to chill in its taproom and beer garden.


It also features an indoor beer hall for people who love mingling. It even has a rooftop bar where you can enjoy pizza and drink (this has been dubbed the perfect combination by many).

#8 Don't Look Back - Triple

Looking for the best tacos in Scott’s Addition? Then look no further than Don’t Look Back – Triple. They strive to offer an authentic taco and burrito eating experience, which people seem to enjoy it. Plus, they have a wide selection of beers.


Since the restaurant is Mexican-themed, the selection of drinks is as well. They have a wide variety of tequilas available for you to try out. Also, they always have a fresh batch of margarita mix for you to wash those tacos and burritos down, as well as canned and bottled beers.

#9 Fat Dragon

If you are in for some traditional Chinese food with a modern twist, then Fat Dragon Chinese Kitchen and Bar should be your next stop. While you are enjoying Chef Zhao’s Chicken, you can wash it down with the best selection of beers and wines.


Since it is a Chinese restaurant and bar, don’t think their beverage list is all Chinese. They have beers and wines that come from all over the world as well, from Portugal to South Africa.

#10 Gus' Bar and Grill

This list would not be complete without something for the sports fans. At Gus’ Bar & Grill, you can watch your favorite game while downing a cold beverage. This is your traditional sports bar, where they also serve a variety of tasty foods.


Their hand-crafted cocktails are sports themed. For example, they have the Victory Lap (Svedka Clementine, orange juice, pineapple and champagne) and the Red Card (Pama Liqueur, Blanco tequila, triple sec, sour and lime juice, served with a rim of sugar)

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