best tacos in richmond va

Best Tacos in Richmond VA

These 3 Restaurants Might Have the Best Tacos in Richmond VA

best tacos in richmond va


In recent years, there has been an influx of Mexican cuisine in the south. People are into tacos, burritos, and tortillas. The Mexican cuisine has machete-ed its way into the south. Tacos, in particular, are getting popular by the day. If you’re looking for the best tacos in Richmond VA, check out the top 5 options listed below.

#1 Soul Taco

Soul Taco Richmond Virginia Jackson Ward

Taco minus soul is just a sandwich. That’s exactly how Soul Taco’s tagline goes. The store is open seven days a week. It’s located in the Jackson Ward neighborhood. They present a refreshing fusion of Latin American and Southern flavors.

It’s worth to celebrate their entire menu. That might be one reason, they don’t have specified bestsellers. You can check it on their website too. They go the extra mile to create a menu to suit preplanned private events. Their services extend till catering and buyout options.

Soul Taco offers the best casual full-service experience. It sets the trend for casual dining in the city of Raymond. The Californian style of cooking doesn’t miss out in their flavors. All of their supplies are locally sourced. They follow a sustainable and eco-friendly stockpiling.

You have the option to place delivery order as well as pickup order online. Nevertheless, we still recommend visiting their restaurant for a soulful taco experience.

#2 Taqueria Panchito

Taqueria Panchito offers an inexpensive taco dining. You can get tacos at just $1 here. They are open from 10 am to 10 pm. The street style dining is pretty much maintained here. For instance, there are notable reservations or drop off services. It just an awesome place for groups with kids. You have to help yourselves with the dishes. They don’t cater table to table. Take in the ambiance, watch the TV and munch on your tacos.

We recommend opting for chorizo, chicken and beef tacos. Check out their amazing selection of sauces. You can also try the delicious desserts. In spite of the lengthy catalog, it’s authentic Mexican food. This place enjoys tons of positive reviews on Yelp and similar platforms. The restaurant has a minimalist yet elegant ambiance. You can notice the Mexican flag next to the sign, ‘Viva Mexico’. You can reach here via Midlothian Turnpike road. Enjoy fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine.

#3 Tio Pablo

Tio Pablo Richmond VA tacos

This is easily the best taqueria in town. They claim to have gluten-free food options. They offer reservations, take outs, gift certificates, and catering. Private events can be facilitated too. Their dressing on food is just amazing. Tio Pablo is a theme based restaurant. Even the glasses have their trademark skull logo printed on it. The team celebrates every occasion from labor day to Thanksgiving to Christmas. The team is active across social media platforms. They present some innovative 3D tours.

The restaurant is located on Franklin Street. They have an extensive list of Jarrito varieties. Tio Pablo isn’t just about tacos. You can treat yourselves to some delightful Mexican meatballs here. The Valentine Day’s special included Mexican Street Corn, fried plantains and rajas con crema. You can check out their daily specials in board placed inside the restaurant. They do sell custom merchandise including super soft logo tees, logo printed glasses, and gift certificates. Regulars don’t shy away from showing their loyalty.

tio pablo richmond va tacos

#4 En Su Boca

en su boca richmond va tacos

Before En Su Boca was the weird porn shop.  Now it’s an amazing spot to get some damned tasty tacos, street corn, and drinks.  As per their claim, En Su Boca is tequila and beer-centric. All of the supplies are locally sourced. From handmade tortillas to tacos to craft beers, everything is local. Nothing matches a warm taco and cold margarita in En Su Boca. This place is a combination of eatery and bar. Beer, wine, and liquor are available around the clock. Catering service is billed as an upcoming service. The restaurant is located at Boulevard, near the museum district.

We recommend you to pay them a visit. They have one of the creative ambiances around. The feel of premium wood and custom merchandise is something. Moreover, their themes would appeal to just about anybody. Above all, they do the best food dressing. You can enjoy dining indoors as well as outdoors. Check out their menu for lunch, brunch, and dinner on their website. Additionally, they have an online menu for their liquor as well. If you are from Richmond, you simply can’t afford to miss it.

#5 Lalo's Cocina Bar & Grill

Let’s be honest. This restaurant is hot. It is dazzling hot by looks. It has a spicy section of dishes. It is one of the reasons why this place gets featured in newspapers. They are the newest in town, yet so popular. Lalo is the owner and chef of this place. Cocina in Spanish translates to ‘kitchen’. They use authentic recipes with better ingredients. Everything here seems handpicked like they are purchasing for homes.

Lalo aims to take Mexican cuisine experience to another league. He believes it with full conviction. He is also involved with Patron Mexican Restaurant while they created the menu. The focus is on Mexican dishes with high-quality ingredients. The restaurant enjoys great reviews from TripAdvisor. In regards to tacos, they have shrimp tacos, avocado chicken tacos, Monterrey tacos, seafood tacos and more. You can view their entire tacos menu on their website.

When trying out new cuisines, Mexican is something you can’t afford to miss. Taco is the perfect starter to it. Bon Appetite!

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