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Chem Dry Of Richmond Review - Are They Worth The High Price?

Chem Dry Of Richmond is arguably one of the top carpet cleaning services in the Richmond area.  Other carpet cleaning companies use excessive amounts of water, Chem Dry uses a fraction and still gets amazing results.  In this Chem Dry of Richmond review, we’ll dive into the key aspects that customers love.

Using a green certified patented carbonated cleaning agent, dry times range from 2-6 hours and they don’t leave any sticky residue behind. 

We had the pleasure of hanging out with owner, Brian Curran, and pick his brain about the company and how they’re moving forward. 

“I want every one in Richmond to live in a healthy home.  Carpets, upholstery, rugs, and other soft fabrics are giant air filters that can cause in-home allergies.  You get allergies outside.  You shouldn’t get them in your home.  We have a healthy home package that cleans for your health.  Not only will your carpets look good, but the air quality in your home will dramatically improve.”

According to Google reviews, they do an amazing job with customer experience. 

Customer Service
Odor Removal
Stains Came Out
High Traffic Lane Results

Chem Dry Of Richmond Cleans For Your Health

Chem Dry has a solid line up of certified technicians with years of experience.  They’re not afraid to warn you if a stain may be permanent before the cleaning process starts.  They don’t want to over promise and under deliver.  Chem Dry’s technicians are a hard working group of guys who want to give you the best service possible.

Chem Dry Cleans the following

  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Upholstery
  • Tile
  • leather
  • Harwood floors
  • leather upholstery

They market their work by sending coupons in the Valpack coupon booklet.  You can get one room for $60 with a basic clean price, or you can get three rooms for $120 for a basic clean price.  The basic cleaning package focuses mostly on the overall look of the carpets, and does not include a deodorizer or carpet sealant.  This also does not include any pet accident treatments.  The healthy home specialist will price that on site, and you always have the option to decide before the cleaning process begins. 

Chem Dry Of Richmond Review - What About Pet Odor?

Pet urine odor removal is guaranteed.  How?  The accidents are located by darkening the rooms and using a UV light.  Urine accidents show up green under the black UV light.  The product Chem Dry uses is called PURT.  It stands for Pet Urine Removal Treatment.  It’s applied to each spot heavily soaking the pad.  The product oxidizes the odor causing bacteria, preventing any odor from returning.

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