Kickback Jacks Review

There are plenty of places to grab a beer and watch a game in Richmond, VA, and Kickback Jacks is one of the best. With a great atmosphere, two excellent locations, awesome beers and wings, this restaurant is poised to be the go-to sports bar in this great city. 

Kickback Jacks Richmond VA

Management prides itself on offering the best casual dining experience, coupled with great entertainment (on top of showing big sports games, they also have karaoke nights and poker tournaments). There is never a dull moment at Kickback Jacks.

Many occasions call for a sports bar. It could be to meet a friend to sit and down a few cold ones or maybe catch a game after a movie and have some food. Whatever the case, Kickback Jacks in Richmond VA offers the best atmosphere and service to end the perfect day. No matter which seat you pick, you are always in full view of a television set, meaning you never miss the action when watching a big game.

And with staff that is ready to wait on you hand and foot, Kickback Jacks elevates the sports bar experience to new heights.

Currently, the restaurant has two locations in Richmond. The oldest one is located in West Broadway and the newer one is found in Midlothian Turnpike. Whichever one you choose, you are in for great service, entertainment and food.

Kickback Jacks Menu

Speaking of food, the menu is packed with mouthwatering options. Those who don’t want to waste time will go for the wings, which come with a number of sauces, such as honey barbecue, sweet Thai chili, honey buffalo and many more, ranging from mild to hot. However, the menu deserves deep exploration to discover the delectable options. 

There are all sorts of Entrees, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, desserts and sides to choose from for brunch, lunch and dinner. You are sure to find something you like, whether it is a burger and salad combo or some BBQ baby back ribs, all at an affordable price. And, as with any modern eatery, you can order online!

And Just because it is a bar, don’t think that you can’t bring the kids. Kickback Jacks is a family-friendly location with an exceptional kids’ menu. From mac and cheese to cheeseburgers and a variety of soft drinks, kids will find something to eat and drink as well.

The drinks selection (for adults) is no joke – it’s a sports bar after all. They have a wide range of draft beers, shooters, wines and specialty cocktails. Non-alcoholics can have a variety of soft drinks, iced tea and even coffee.

If you are looking for the best sports bar in Richmond, VA, then look no further than Kickback Jacks. It has great food and drinks coupled with entertainment and a casual atmosphere. What is there not to like? Plus, you can bring the kiddies along as well!

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