Three Best Carpet Cleaners in Richmond, VA 2019

These Are the 3 Best Carpet Cleaners in Richmond VA

#1 Chem Dry of Richmond

Just mentioned in our first ever article, Chem Dry of Richmond is our towns leading carpet cleaner by a long shot.  When it comes to looking for the best carpet cleaners in Richmond, VA Chem Dry leads the way because of their unique cleaning process as well as high ratings.  Instead of using soapy products that leave a sticky substance when not rinsed out properly, Chem Dry uses a patented carbonated cleaning solution.

This cleaning solution is heated up to 230 degrees giving you some serious cleaning power.  Where other companies use a traditional wand, Chem Dry uses their patented Power Head as shown below.


Chem Dry states that they use elements of agitation, heat, water, and a cleaning agent to get the best possible results in their cleaning.  Other companies use too much heat and water, which can leave your carpets soaking wet for a couple days.  Chem Dry’s carpet cleaning process allows carpets to dry in 2 hours. 

#2 Certi Green

Certi Green has serviced Richmond VA for over 20 years!  Owner, Charley Spearman says that people deserve a powerful green cleaning agent that isn’t toxic for your home and the environment.  There are too many other chemicals out there and you just don’t really know what’s in them.

Richmond natives have so many positive things to say about Certi Green.  That is why we listed them in our top 3 best carpet cleaners in Richmond VA.  Great work, Charley!

#3 Green Clean

Green Clean operates in Richmond, Charlottesville, DC, and Fredericksburg.  Holy moly do they have some really good reviews!

We mentioned above that Chem Dry doesn’t believe in steam cleaning because there is too much heat and water.  If it’s so bad,then why does this company have 500 Google reviews and an average rating of 4.6?

Regardless of who you choose in the end, you’re going to be well taken care of.  The best carpet cleaners in Richmond, VA are the best because of how well they take care of their customers, and also how well they get the job done.

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